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Pole Bird

the game

*Easy ONE TAP game play!

game play

Knock Knock! Good news for all enthusiasts of the knocking wooden pole-runner: Woodpecker & friends moved from office desk to mobile device! Run down different trees as fast as you can and collect as many coins as possible. But don't hit the branches, otherwise you will fall down. Choose between different cute pets, trees or even self created characters, environment and backgrounds.

*PLAY with the different characters that come with the game, or with SELF CREATED pixel characters!
*Easy ONE TAP game play!
*IMPORT or EXPORT self created characters, environment and backgrounds!
*Or use the little PAINTING TOOL in the game!

create your own game characters

Try out the Game Creative Center!
Here you can pick a character to play with, or you can pick an enviroment or background. Open the little ingame painting tool and recolor your characters and environment, or paint something new. You can also pick a character to export it to your photo album, or you can import a character from your photo album. If you export a character to your photo album, you can use the animation sheet to create a totally different character in any painting program you like, and import it back into the game to play with.