Kakapo - Rescue

how to create your own pixel art animation sheet:

in Kakapo - Rescue you have the possiblity to import your own animation sheets into the game to play with

1. copy the .png file below or export a Kakapo from the game creative center into your photo album

2. open the file in your favourite graphics program

 the file looks like the picture on this site

file size: 300 pixel width, 240 pixel height  
• 1st row: idle animation.
• 2nd row: fall animation.
• 3rd row: jump animation
• 4th row: crazy animation

3. paint whatever you like by respecting the animation states and it's position on the sheet as well as it's size and the size of the texture

4. save your self created sheet as .png file with transparent background

5. import the self created file into your device photo album ( iCloud, Dropbox, eMail ... )

6. in the game creative center choose "import" and select the picture ( .png file ) you imported to your photo album, to bring it into the game

7. be sure to have the right file size, otherwise the import will fail