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Hop into the grassland groove!

Relaxing and funny mobile game.


"Hoppetee!", meaning ‘go on’ or ‘you did it!’,  is the perfect name for our courageous little grasshopper. Smaller than his friends, Hoppetee can’t jump as high as the big ones can. Luckily, he comes across a ball, and by riding it, this little grasshopper can jump, run and float through a whimsical world – accompanied by a catchy tune.


In Hoppetee!, players can enjoy the title’s harmony, Hoppetee’s cute laughter and the game’s very uplifting message:


“Use your opportunities and discover the beauties of your life!”

ISBN-13: 978-3981053029



ISBN-13: 978-3981053005



ISBN-13: 978-3000137426



The Bavarian Beer Comic


Clever, witty and funny


The Beer Comic is a clever, witty and funny page-turner that will draw you right in. I've really enjoyed it. With its lovable characters Fidelius and Benedikt leading the way, the comic skillfully blends history with today's events and figures. The comic tells the history of the Hofbräuhaus' origins: Because state coffers are empty once again, Fidelius and Benedikt are sent out into the wild Bavarian world to find a qualified brewmaster for the Court. The Bavarian Court wants its own brewery, one that can compete with the good, but expensive northern beer. Along the way, the constantly bickering duo runs into all sorts of funny adventures, but they solve all problems with smarts and wit. On a final note, the Beer Comic is definitely not a one-time read. Embedded into many scenes is very subtle humor that only jumps in your face during the 2nd or 3rd read!

Character Design


Die Nullingers und Josef Nullinger

Cartoon about the well known Bavarian Comedian

featured on Germany's No. 1 Radio Station Antenne Bayern.



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